What is thyroid - types, causes, symptoms and treatment of thyroid

What is thyroid – Symptoms, causes, types and treatment

Introduction What is thyroid ? Thyroid is a dissorder in which thyroid gland is affected, thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland preasent in front part of neck. There are many kinds of functions that thyroid plays in our metabolic process. Differnt kinds of thyroid dissorder affect differnt types of

How to make teeth white - Natural tips

How to make teeth white – Natural tips

Introduction Every one want beautifull white teeth because it gives good look and a good smile to one. A person with white teeth gives a great look to him. According to survey it is measured that billions of dollars spends on teeth whitening products. But unfortunately many teeth whitening products

How to control anger

How to control anger – 10 Tips to reduce anger

Introduction Anger is nothing but just a simple human feeling, like other feelings. It is very normal feeling just like happiness, sadness, exitement ect. The differnce is only that we feel anger or our temper go high when we get hurt by someone, the things are not going accroding to

How to avoide pregnency

How to avoid pregnancy – Natural, barrier and hormonal methods.

Introduction This article is about best ways to avoid pregnancy. We will talk about natural ways to avoid pregnancy and barrier methods to avoid pregnancy. Every one want to enjoy their sexual life, but due to fear of pregnancy they do not be able enjoy properly, but after reading this

What is terminal illness ? Incurable disease

What is terminal illness | Incurable disease

Introduction Do you know what is terminal illness ? Do you know what is incurable disease ? Have you ever heard, that person is going to die with in 6 months or in this year Due to terminal illness ? Many questions comes in our mind after hearing terminal illness